Australian Voice Actors Andrew MacRae on His Career and VO Industry

Andrew MacRae is one of the top Australian Male voice artists in The Voice Realm.  Andrew is known for his deep, authoritative voice, but clients also love his guy-next-door, friendly tone too.  Let’s find out more about Andrew and what he shared with us about his career and the voice over industry.

The Voice Realm…. Read more here

Northern Heat – Blog Tour 

Today I super excited to be part of the pre-release blog tour of Helene Young’s new novel Northern Heat. As a long standing fan of Helene’s work, I was naturally over the moon when she invited me to be part of this tour, and am thus super excited to be able to host the following interview she conducted with her voice over guy (for the Northern Heat Book Trailer) Andrew MacRae… Read more here

Young Voice Actress Got Measly Pay from Monster Hit Frozen – The Voice Herald

In an industry that is starting to get saturated with new voice actors, agencies may strategise and offer their talents at extremely low rates.  Voice talent Andrew MacRae comments, “There should be happy medium where new talents could enter the industry while at the same time rewarding those of us who have put the time in over many years and made countless sacrifices to be competitive in an already competitive market.” Read more here

Tips to Become a Better Voice Actor – The Voice Herald

This was said in an interview by Australian voice over actor Andrew Macrae who has been a professional talent for 10 years. There is 100% truth in that statement… you never stop learning, you should never stop finding ways to improve.

You just don’t sit around and wait for things to happen once you have found your niche or landed a few big projects. A true passionate voice over artist, regardless of their years of experience, will never rest on their laurels but will continue to find ways to be better in their craft… Read more here

Crossing Over to Voice Over – The Voice Herald

Another guy who discovered his talent early on is Andrew MacRae. “From a very early age, my siblings and I were constantly impersonating TV and movie characters to the point where we can’t answer a phone call from one another nowadays without using a famous quote.” But life took him on a long career in hospitality. After a twist in fate and rekindling of old passions, he decided to give the voice industry a shot. “A few courses, some community radio and a ton of pestering questions later, I scored my first VO gig and haven’t looked back.”… Read more here

The Travelling Mic – Stories of Dedicated Voiceover Artists – The Voice Herald

In the early days, my home studio was, at best, sub-standard.  Thinking about it now, I can’t believe I actually produced paid work in it.  To paint the picture, the room was the spare bedroom, there was no sound-proofing, save for blankets over the windows, material shoved under the door and a quilt over my head and shoulders.  My laptop sat on an inconveniently positioned shelf in a cupboard too small for me to get into myself and the microphone was worse than any cell phone mic of today… Read more here